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Frank R Greening

About the Author

B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons), 1968, Kings College, London, England; Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry – Molecular Spectroscopy), 1974, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

Lecturer in Chemistry, 1977 – 1978, Houn Institute of Engineering, Ta’Giorni, Malta; Research Chemist, Ontario Hydro, 1978 – 2000; Consultant, Department of Chemistry, McMaster U., 2002 – 2004; Consultant, Mouvement Vert Mauricie, Quebec, 2007 – 2009; Consultant, Bruce Power, Kincardine, Ontario, 2010 - 2014.

Other Writings


Author of many research papers and presentations. Technical specialties include radiochemical analysis; alpha and gamma spectrometry; liquid scintillation counting; surface analysis with Auger and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry; nuclear facility radiological characterization and effluent monitoring.


What Did and Did Not Cause the Collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York? by Zdeněk P. Bažant, Jia-Liang Le, Frank R. Greening, and David B. Benson, Journal of Engineering Mechanics 134(10), 892, (2008),

Characterization of a World Trade Center Dust Sample by F. R. Greening and T. N. Greening, August 2017.